Past meetings

3/22/17 – Dan Barrett, The :32 Second Entrepreneur

3/1/17 – Ambit Energy – Rod Tobin

2/22/17 –  Ted “X” Catalano – Custom Property Agency.  Ted advised us on “how to be a landlord,” and covered some of the things to think about if considering income property as a revenue stream.  Contact Ted at 716-860-2364 or for more info.

 2/1/17 – Prestige Administrative Consulting

1/25/17 – This week we were treated to a great hands on demo of how easily things go wrong with furnaces installed incorrectly!  Courtesy of Barry Sherer, Sherer Heating and Cooling. Thanks for all the great info Barry!!  If you have any questions related to your heating/cooling needs, contact Barry at, 716-583-3980